What is the best hair for Weaves and Hair Extensions?

What is the best hair for Weaves and Hair Extensions?

Everyone from celebrities to everyday women are wearing hair extensions and weaves and although these hair additions are all the rage, many women still wonder “What is the best hair for hair extensions?” Today there are so many choices for women to pick from.

Human Hair… Remy Hair… Virgin Hair… oh my?

Selecting the right type of hair for your extensions or hair weave can make all the difference. It is important to purchase the most natural looking hair to blend in with your own hair for a flawless undetectable look. This means purchasing 100% human hair because synthetic hair will always look synthetic. Also, virgin human hair (meaning the hair is unprocessed) will give you the most natural healthy looking style. It is important to note that buying virgin human hair is more expensive because of the higher quality and scarcer availability. The trade off is that virgin human hair can be re-used because the higher quality lasts longer… thus saving you money in the long run.
Now the question that many people ask, “Is all virgin hair equal?” The honest answer is… no! The truth is that most hair sold as 100% virgin human hair is mixed with heat resistant synthetic fiber or mixed with “non-remy” (lower grade human hair) to lower the price. Unfortunately, in the market of hair extensions, higher quality hair always comes at a higher cost.
At Indian Hair Company we provide the highest quality virgin Indian hair at the most affordable price. We can do this because we specialize exclusively in the market of virgin unprocessed human hair sourced directly from India and procure hair in large quantities. When you use hair from Indian Hair Company the difference is easily recognizable. When you use our Indian hair you are literally wearing the same hair as the A-list celebrities on the red carpet. So next time you ask yourself… “What is the best hair for weaves and hair extensions?” you’ll know the answer is Indian Hair Company.

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