Traction Alopecia – How to Protect Our Hair

As girls, most of us can remember sitting in the hair salon getting our hair braided and squiring in pain or leaving the salon with hair headache because our hair was pulled too tight.  Many women today are suffering from Traction Alopecia, a condition in which the hair follicles are damaged and results in hair loss, because of the bad habits we learned as children.

Traction Alopecia is almost always a result of applying too much stress on the hair (typically around the hairline) by excessively tight braids, cornrows, or pulling ones hair in tight ponytails.  Traction alopecia is also a result of using chemicals incorrectly, like leaving relaxers on too long. It is even a result of using bonding glue or lace wig adhesives and pulling on the hairline.

Traction Alopecia affects mostly African American women is the United States and is a result of hairstyling methods.  Weaves, whether bonded or sewn in, can be done safely.  Some important tips to prevent or stop the progression of Traction Alopecia are:

  • Telling your stylist not to braid your hair too tightly
  • Leaving you edges out when getting a weave
  • Avoid leaving relaxers on too long (remove a relaxer immediately when it starts to burn)
  • Avoid excessively tight hairstyles
  • Speak Up!  If you feel like a stylist may cause damage to your hair, let them know immediately or go to a different stylist.

Remember that Traction Alopecia can be prevented and even reversed if caught early.  The key is proper hair care.

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