Is it ethical to use and sell “donated hair”, where the donor is not paid for the same?

Unfortunately, there have been some media reports and discussions about ethicality of using Indian hair, without getting into the real depth of this subject and often reacting to “half-truth” and misinterpreted information. Ethicality is an individual thought and standard. However, it can be clearly stated that no one is exploited, forced or tricked into donating hair in the temples of India. We must understand that whether the western countries buy hair for extensions or not, people will still continue to donate hair at the temples as a part of the ancient tradition. That’s not going to stop whether you buy hair or not. If the hair was not used by the hair extensions industry, all the hair would be burnt by the temples (as they used to do in the past). So, it is very important to understand that buying hair extensions do not in any way have any impact on the hair donation activities in India. We are simply recycling and reusing things that would have been waste otherwise. We need to also consider that although the donors individually do not get paid for hair donation, the vast amount of money the temples make through the hair trade benefits the community directly through their charitable programs that provide free healthcare, food, cloth and education to the poor. Also, thousands of poor men and women from the community get employed by the hair extensions industry, generating income for the poor. So, the money you spend in buying hair extensions definitely helps supports and feeds many poor people in India and one should actually feel good about this. At Indian Hair Company, we use only temple hair for our hair extension products and we believe that our hair is 100% ethically sourced.

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